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Madhouse Miners Resonant Rise 4 server!


Hello and welcome to Madhouse Miners Resonant Rise 4 server!

Running on dedicated hardware hosted in Germany, ran by 2 crazy British Northerners!

We keep this server updated with the latest pack version, latest in SpongeForge technology and plugins! With a friendly community and staff ready to help, what more could you ask for!? We trust our players, however grief prevention measures have been taken to keep griefing to a minimum. We do have some banned items, but do try to keep these to a minimum too so you can get a full feel for the modpack.

To apply for this server, and all our others on our network simply go to:

And fill out a application!

Join us in our Discord:

See you in-game!


I have been playing on this server since it started sporadically .
The admin and players know about minecraft and its mods and run a tight ship.
Havent had a problem yet.
Epic builds, relaxed atmosphere and dont forget discord chat.
Posted 20th Mar 2017