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Minimal Banned Items. Mature, Nonprofit Community.

Please click here for modpack version information, plugin information, banned items information, and more.

FTB Revelation

Project Ozone Lite (MC 1.10)

FTB DW20 1.12

FTB Horizons 1.12

FTB Beyond 1.10.2

Age of Engineering 1.10.2

FTB SkyFactory3 1.10.2

Project Ozone 2: Reloaded Kappa Mode(Curse Launcher)

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Server IP

Infinity Skyblock

Server IP

Infinity Evolved

Server IP


Install Veinminer and LuckyBlocks to play!

Server IP

We are running custom code to restart our servers in the event of a crash.

Dedicated server-side administration and in-game staff.

All physical servers are running with the following specifications:
4.0Ghz CPU with 32GB ram, SSD drives, HDD backup NAS.

Community Guidelines

This is a great server. The staff are always very helpful and the player base is great too. I really love this community.
Posted 23rd Nov 2017
Awesome community with a great selection of modpacks to choose from, friendly and helpful staff. All in all great online gaming experience.
Posted 22nd Nov 2017
I've enjoyed my time here since day one, and the servers are mostly reliable, having a far better uptime than any other server I've come across or played on. If a server is acting up, there is staff behind the scenes working on fixing any and all issues they come find, as well as regularly work on enhancements. In addition to all of this, they also host a gitlab that players can open tickets on if they find bugs, glitches, dupes, or are just having issues in general that the staff can reply to and help with. I also enjoy the diversity of modpacks they offer and regularly update.
Posted 22nd Nov 2017
Fun server to play on, I have made a few friends on here that i see all the time, the staff are pretty friendly and are really helpful when needed.
Posted 22nd Nov 2017
Great server, helpful staff and quick time to respond, very friendly players and the rules are fair
Posted 22nd Nov 2017
Awesome community, friendly staff and lag-free servers!
Posted 1st Nov 2017
Good server with good people :)
Posted 30th Dec 2016
Posted 22nd Dec 2016
The Best Minecraft server !
Posted 7th Nov 2016
I had a problem with a strange ban glitch but they fixed it quickly and and now i thank them for it
Posted 22nd Jul 2016
Awesome servers. Nice community, active and dedicated staff. Servers run smooth, I recommend this to all players that like modded minecraft!
Posted 6th Jul 2016