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NewLifeGamers Crackpack [NoWhitelist]


Welcome To NewLifeGamers Crackpack

Survival Crackpack server, Includes autoranking system, you can use almost any blocks/items, except ones in blacklist that can cause massive lagg issues/crashes.

PvP is Allowed, but taking anything from protected regions or combat on them is not allowed(including player made claims)

For all rules you can join server and ingame do a /rules command

It is running with KCauldron and 24/7
Players can create claims

Crackpack is a modpack that you can find on ATLauncher modpack list.
We are running latest version of it.


Banned Items

Staff of travelling - This enables the user to get through any block whether it’s claimed or not.
Shard of laputa - This removes all the blocks from the floor and moves them up into the sky within a given radius, leaving massive gaping holes in the floor
Sacred saplings - This will crash the server
Magnetic Force - Griefing
Crystal chests - Extremely heavy CPU load, thus causing huge amounts of lag (Diamond chests are the same size)
Hyoscymine - Will crash the recipient's client
Ender bow - Will crash and corrupt the server data
Evil book - Duping/Glitches
XP obelisk - Duping/Glitches
Drawbridges - Duping/Glitches

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