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WispCraft ~ 24/7 SkyFactory


Dedicated to providing the best modded minecraft experience, Wispcraft has been around for 2 years and has always excelled in providing an excellent hub for those in the modded community to combine and reach for the stars!

Choose from 4 custom game modes as we take on the skies in our biggest and boldest adventure to date as we tackle the obstacles of having just a tree and dirt to progress.

24/7 Dedicated Server

Teamspeak -
Server IP -

Additional Mods Include

  • Veinminer
  • Lucky Blocks

Please ensure you have these installed before you play on the server

Fantastic Plugin Combinations

We've built the perfect system to allow you to buy and sell your island's produce in a simple and balanced market house. Accessible through commands this allows you to purchase, grab and collect items aswell as listing items for sale!

Community Feel

The staff aim to provide the greatest of community feels available, we're all in it together and the community bondas together very well through the use of text and voice communications!

We can't wait to see you around!

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