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Very Brief Overview for one who only wants info.
Server address:
Server Type: FTB Monster Pack with default mods

I. Introduction
II. What is modpack server?
III. Sigcraft's features
IV. How to get to the server

I. Introduction

Hello, everyone. Sigcraft has been opened with FTB monster pack! FTB is a famous modpack site, and provides a lot of awesome modpacks including monster pack! FTB monster pack contains various tech-related mods and couple magic mod with various farm mods. So Do you know about mods well?

II. What is modpack server?
Well this part is only for someone who is new to mod! you can skip this part if you have played mod beforehand .Honestly, listing 183 mods we got is not too interesting at all. So let me introduce modpack briefly starting with some numbers

  1. So many items.

Technically, there are about 33,000 items in FTB monster pack. It is absolutely not comparable with vanilla minecraft which has less than 500 items.We have more than 100 types of ores- and yes! all of those have some kind of use ! We have more than 250 types of trees and more than 300 types of fruits/crops as well!

  1. Various and pretty blocks/items

We have 33k items, so it's likely that you can find any block/items you want to decorate your home! A mod called microblock enables you to break down blocks and decorate your home more in more detail. A mod called chisel enables you to carve vanilla blocks into 10 blocks. There are various funitures in bibliocraft while you can find a lot of cool lamps from red project!

  1. Make everything auto.

Yes! Everything you can do in minecraft can be automatized in this mod.Literally every single activities including chopping/plnating trees, grinding mops, raising crosp, and mining can be automatized. It doesn't mean they are easy things to do! There are so many things you can learn and explore in the mods.

  1. small cute features.

Well, Are you not a big fan of big automatized factory and huge farms? That's absolutely fine. As we said, we have so many decoration blocks with various features. You're welcome to decorate your own place with nice blocks. It'll be so cool to have your own small farm with different crops beyond your house!

III. Sigcraft's feature

Hello. So Let's get to know about sigcraft's features.

  1. various cultures

Did you expect this? We have Korean players in the server. (Admin is a Korean) We have half Korean, and half American players in the server. You can make unique experience with players in different culture!

  1. Various quests and economy

Sigcraft has installed residence plugin. It costs $1 per block to claim. You can make money in four different ways at this moment. You can earn money from staying in game, voting, doing quests, and selling certain items to the shop. Come and check it out.

  1. Stable server with good event.

We just upgraded our hosting plan to 6G. Hosting will be upgraded if we experience any further lag. Also, a great event is going in the server. You really need to come and check this out.

IV. How to get started?

First, download FTB launcher from
Second, Make profile with your MC ID and download Monster modpack which is the first one.
Third, log into the server. Address is ""

Sigcraft is waiting for you.

Come and join for unique experience.

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