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SkaiaFactory (SF2.4) | USkyblock | 24/7


SkaiaFactory, a server in the SkaiaCraft network of servers, running SkyFactory 2.4 for 1.7.10!

We are currently beta, items may be added or removed from our banned items list at any time, without notice. Issues are to be expected and should be reported when found. Keep in mind that staff may kick, mute, or ban players as they see fit.

Basic rules:
Do not ask for items or ranks from staff.
Do not exploit bugs, game mechanics, etc. in a malicious way to gain an advantage over other players.
Try to keep things civil, swearing is allowed, so long as it is not excessive or used with intent to hurt another player.
Try to keep the amount of lag caused by your base to a minimum, builds that heavily effect server performance will be disabled or destroyed if necessary and repeat offenders will be banned.

mobGriefing = false
keepInventory = false

Votifier enabled!

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