This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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North-Star is a new Yogscast Complete server with Biomes O'Plenty world generation and all optional mods enabled. There are currently no banned items and the server is whitelisted.


  • There are currently no banned items, however, the below rules apply.
  • Keep chunk loaders at a minimum, max. allowed quarry size : 64 x 64.
  • Keep creation of new Mystcraft worlds at a minimum, they might get deleted anytime.
  • Only build bases in the Overworld, all other dimensions might get reset anytime.
  • No big explosives in the Overworld, create a Mystcraft world for ICBM, etc.
  • Respect other players, don't cause trouble.
  • No Griefing, no PVP - this includes using taglocks on other players and planting explosives near bases.
  • No Racism, no Spamming.
  • No Cheating, no Exploiting.

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