This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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FrozenSoul Network


Stable server with great staff and fun players
Posted 18th Mar 2018
This is a great server. The staff are helpful and friendly and the community is very welcoming.
Posted 15th Feb 2018
So far this has been the best modded minecraft server i have played on. there is very little block lag, very few banned items and the staff is always more than happy to help you with anything you may need!
Posted 3rd Jan 2018
Mostly just staff never seen some so rude
Posted 12th Dec 2017
Great, non-lagging couple of servers with good staff. I like it and will play forever here. :D
Posted 23rd Mar 2017
I cannot say enough good things about the FrozenSoul network. Out of all the modded Minecraft networks I have played on they have truly provided the best experience and continue to do so. The owner, badgernz, keeps his servers updated and his network running proficiently. I love that they are always adding new packs to keep things interesting. The staff are active, helpful and just really great people to befriend. I highly recommend the FrozenSoul network to those looking for well run and fun Minecraft network to call home.
Posted 17th Feb 2017
I have been in the FrozenSoul community for almost a year, and I much prefer it to any other network. The staff are responsible, and very knowledgeable. They will do their best to help you once they know all of the facts, and the rules in place for the network as a whole are very straightforward, and easy to follow.
Posted 17th Nov 2016
This is more than a simple minecraft server, this is a community. there are like 17 different packs hosted and you can talk to people who is on a different pack than yourself.
The owner actually plays on the server even, don't see that very often. you can tell the staff cares about the server/community, they put a lot of effort to make custom spawns for each pack and there is a hub that changes depending on time of the year.
Staff is really friendly and helpful, can often hang out with them on their teamspeak even.

also.. i have been on frozensoul 1.5 years or more i think, best place for modded minecraft!
Posted 17th Nov 2016
Great fun, amazing community and very responsive staff :D
Posted 17th Nov 2016
I've been with FS for a year now and the entire network and community are great! I refuse to go to any other network because of how efficient and friendly they run things! Very humble owner who is very active on the server. Hardly any lag unless someone is doing something they shouldn't be, knowledgeable staff, and very helpful community that's just as knowledgeable. FrozenSoul is definitely the server you have ever dreamed of. Come join and play!
Posted 16th Nov 2016
Horrible server, Staff is really just unfair, I got banned for literally playing legit, for raiding somebody on anarchy i got banned without proof, the staff pretending I was hacking even though the real hacker is proven to be a hacker beyond the reasonnable doubt and they did nothing about it... Anarchy server has defenseteh mod and yet nothing works... explosions are disabled and yet tnt is enabled and I used it, they took it as hacking and banned me. The real hacker is still there, waiting to raid anyone coming on with hacks.
His name is JmSether, beware of this hacker, he will raid anyone who joins.
The server replied:
Just because you got caught out, doesn't mean that you should through a tantrum and badmouth the network.
There was quite abit of testing done to try accomplish the same thing you did and none of it worked, and only when we used an xray, were we able to see the blood magic ritual stones that were keeping you out which you went straight for.
As for the Defense Tech mod explosions/missiles being disabled, that was a mistake on my part when updating the server and that has been rectified. Things get fixed fast when you let someone know about it so they can fix it, just a wee life lesson...
Tbh, if you had submitted a ban appeal i would have let you back on and gave you a second chance, but as you like to spread lies cause you got caught out, that wont be happening.
As for this other hacker, I have dealt with him as well.
Posted 10th Nov 2016
This is a awesome server it is very fun and everyone is nice especially the staff, they are on almost on all the time and can help you with anything definitely recommend that you play on this server.
Posted 6th Nov 2016
After playing for this server for about a year id say, i can say that they have by far one of the friendliest communities out there. The staff is always active, and you can always access most of them on teamspeak. I by far reccomend this network to everyone.
Posted 24th Aug 2016
hardly any lag, decent turn around in users, so far so good
Posted 1st Aug 2016