This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Current version is 1710-5-full. See website for current version.

Tachnology is a small server based on Bevo's Tech Pack. Obviously there are few magic mods to worry about. The server is recently set up and I am looking for other builders and people who like tech mods to join a small server (maybe 6 - 12 depending on load). The server is open (no whitelist).

PVP is on this time around, but no fighting unless the other player agrees. MyTown is enabled for base protection (will be when there is a 1.7 port!). Keep inventory is on for those of you who like lava and mob griefing is off, because creepers. Difficulty is set to hard. I did warn you. The server is a 2CPU 2GB VPS on WebSound.

Be nice to other players.
No griefing, but pranking is allowed within reason.

Disabled items:
BuildCraft Quarry.
IC2 Nuke, because there are few legitimate uses for it.

Plugins: WorldEdit, WorldGuard

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