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Welcome to AsperianCraft.

Update: We have moved away from the Yogs pack (Yes the Yogs server is still running) and began running the new Resonant Rise 3 pack for 1.7.10
Most of the concept has stayed the same as before but we decided to add an economy to the server this round.

Our Story: We here at AsperianCraft have been on a lenghty journey. What once started as a small private server for a few close friends, quickly bloomed into the Server we have today. Not only that but became a No.1 server for Resonant Rise with a good standing in the publics eye. This has been down to one simple motto we live by and stick by:

"We don't ban items people use to cheat, we ban people who cheat. Any questions?"

With this we've been able to continue on strong without having to ban items that are useful. If we have had to ban anything it's purely a security precaution for our players, or to prevent lag issues that would arise.

The Present: We now have an impressive server setup all on Yogcast Complete Pack Using Grief Prevention. Our server specs: i7-3820 64 Gigs of Ram (48GB allocated to servers) 512GB SSD

For more info on us and what mod configs we use, please join us at

So from all of the staff here at Asperian, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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