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Apocalyptic Gaming Modpack/Vanilla Network [US/EU]

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Apocalyptic Gaming Network

Apocalyptic Gaming Network(AGN) was founded in 2010, AGN is a multi-server modded/vanilla Minecraft network hosting 30+ servers.


  • GriefPrevention (Custom Made) & Towny
  • Economy/Shops/Rewards including Kits/Keys/Crates/Vote Rewards (Custom Plugin)
  • Dozens of worlds to explore & Bungeecord Network(Custom Made)
  • Global Chat/Mail/Messaging (Custom Plugin)
  • Active Discord Server
  • 24/7 Active Staff in game and on Discord & 24/7 Uptime
  • Minimal banned items (each server has less than 10 banned items)


Direct IPs:


  • Hexxit
  • Voltz


  • Agrarian Skies
  • Attack of the B-Team
  • Tekkit Main/Space
  • Test Pack Please Ignore
  • Yogscast Complete


  • GigaPack
  • Tekkit Legends
  • Tekxit 2
  • FTB Infinity Evolved
  • The 1.7.10 Pack
  • Agrarian Skies 2
  • Gregtech New Horizons


  • The 1.12.2 Pack
  • Tekxit 2
  • Tekxit 3 LE
  • Tekxit 3.14 PI
  • Hexxit 2
  • Hexxit Updated
  • Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons
  • RLCraft
  • Sky Factory 4
  • MC Eternal
  • Dungeons, Dragons, Space Shuttles
  • Tekkit 2


Nice server, works well while im in other country, low ping
Posted 30th Apr 2024
I've been playing Tekxit 3 for a while and I love it! Server is smooth and community is friendly, love it!
Posted 27th Feb 2024
Pretty nice server has everything you need
Posted 5th Jan 2024
I really like to play on Tekxit Pi (TKXP is the short handle for that pack Server), I also like that the network has many packs to choose and all players from all packs can chat with eachother which is nice, because so you can talk to way more people and often you don't need to be on the same pack to get some help, which leads to almost all the time you have a problem, someone can help you right in the minecraft. And if not they have a support which you can reach 24/7 on their discord :)

Also: if you play on that server and want to join my town, my MC Name is kettcardriverpro and my discord name (you can hit me up there if I'm not online) is "taurusfan"
Posted 28th Dec 2023
good network good staff and epic players - ZukiZuhiro
Posted 18th Sep 2023
Theres a player name ZukiZuhiro he threatened to ddos me and he fucking did it i cannot use my discord account cause he hacked it i cant login to my minecraft account or anything cause he stole it he needs to be banned from apoc networks i am absolutely sick of people like this all i wanted was to join the network and spend $275 on the legend rank but i guess i wont be doing this cause of him!
The server replied:
This user Shikamaru Nara [Fuckie#0190] on discord is review bombing us because we wont instantly ban someone he knows without evidence of breaking our servers rules. As seen here:

There are multiple other negative reviews posted by this same user on other websites bashing me personally and the network just because we wouldn't do what he wanted.
Posted 18th Sep 2023
Their is still problems with a voting site and the changes have made it more Pay To Win. The discord is also super toxic.
Posted 23rd Aug 2023
Server supper laggy. Staff seem nice except one which I cannot seem to make a ticket for at all. Way too much Pay2Win.
The server replied:
The lag issues were discovered to be an issue with our garbage collection and has been fixed since September.
Posted 19th Aug 2023
Best network ever the staff are nice and i really enjoy playing on the network the network is the best thing ever
Posted 18th Aug 2023
The owner ZilaconMC is a racist sexist narcissist he states in the rules to not be racist or sexist. Yet on his discord al he does is put down other players for making errors, mistakes and immediately resorts to putting down those players. Can only imagine what he says about his own staff. He wines about not enough people donating all the time. He has a lot of server I give him that but his execution and problems in some of them that have been up for years still get missed. This server is Pay to Win. Sure he lowers his prices but home hosting costs barley anything when all you have to do is pay a power bill and internet bill.
The server replied:
This user Shikamaru Nara [Fuckie#0190] on discord is review bombing us because we wont instantly ban someone he knows without evidence of breaking our servers rules. As seen here:

There are multiple other negative reviews posted by this same user on other websites bashing me personally and the network just because we wouldn't do what he wanted.
Posted 16th Aug 2023
The best network ever, with over 20 online hosted servers, helpful staff and players.
Posted 18th May 2023
APOC is hosing multiple modded mincraft server, always been a good option for muliplayer servers to play , me and my friends enjoy playing apoc and the staff and community is just amazing low lag , and an overall amazing experience playing on apoc server
Posted 6th Feb 2023
The best server hosting I've found yet. They have host multiple modpacks and allow for cross-modpack communication. If there are any banned items, they are pretty justified and keeps the servers lag-free. -xoxoANTHONY
Posted 1st Sep 2022
The server has been awesome to play on, staff have been nice and server is very smooth minimum lag.
Posted 22nd Jul 2022
Good staff, very active community and generally a nice platform to play on. I have enjoyed my experience on their servers and my only complaint is that there are occassional outages, but they don't seem to last very long. Need to check into whether or not they have a "Server Status" page, but that would be a nice addition to confirm when it is a server reboot that is causing an outage and not something local.
Posted 22nd Apr 2022
Rules are straight forward. Nice spawn and a amazing admin-shop. staff is helpful Aswell.
Posted 8th Feb 2022
Terrible server, commands kill you because they're broken and their response is " Sorry commands are use at your own risk"

Their vote system doesn't work so you don't actually get rewards, and their claiming system and towny is broken too.
And watch out for their shitty moderators, they're they karens of minecraft.
The server replied:
I apologize for the inconvenience of our plugins. Programming everything ourselves is difficult, and all of these issues have now been fixed/addressed.
Posted 18th Nov 2021
ApocGaming is amazing, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to play on a Minecraft server! The staff is super quick to respond via discord mod mail, players/admins/mods within the community are always happy to help as well to the best of their ability! I’ve only been playing for about 4 ish days now and I love it! ApocGaming also has many servers to choose from I believe it's 21 servers and they have more on the way! So you will never be bored. If I can rate the server out of 10 it would easily be a 10! all your Minecraft survival/and others right here!
Posted 13th May 2021
Honestly they will welcome u into the server and they try to keep lag down to a minimum good community great staff, the staff will help u with any issues same with any players that can! love this server
Posted 15th Apr 2021
This is a great server and i plan to play on it for a while! its so enjoyable!!
Posted 22nd Jan 2021
good server always up good staff old but good <3
Posted 20th Oct 2019