This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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RupticMC | CrundeeCraft!


Our server is dedicated to improving our players' gameplay by enhancing the regular Minecraft enviroment, we did this by adding custom plugins such as:

  • Vote Crates
  • Autorank (Get ranked up for playing)
  • Player Markets (Make your own shop)
  • Grief Prevention (No griefing - modded block protection)
    and many more...


We're running the pack CrundeeCraft and we will always be on the latest version!

Server stability is poor - crashing a lot / having unannounced restarts. I had problems with crashing the server on log in (due to loading a chunk of someone's bad base design i believe), but instead of fixing this - they just moved server to whitelist to prevent me logging in.

The server replied:
Sorry for the poor experience! Some mod packs, you cant really prevent crashes entirely unless the mod pack is updated along with the mods. We did remove the problem of the original crash, we had to white-list the whole server to keep players from logging in to keep the server from crashing when we are trying to fix the server from crashing at that time. The only times we white-list our servers is when we are performing a fix or making other changes to the server. Thank you.

Posted 27th Jan 2018