This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Shock MadPack


MadPack is finally up and ready to be played! If you haven't been seeing what is going on in our MadPack thread, here's some info.

Rules are here:

This is an apply only server, which means you have to fill out the smallest form we have:

Your IGN:
Why you want to play MadPack:
Anything else we should know:

To submit your application, head on over to our site and create an account. From there head on over to the MadPack section to make the post!

It means that we are more strict here. This madpack is new, in beta, and has tons of bugs and/or glitches. Which is the reason for the whitelisting. We are not looking for people to abuse those glitches, but to report them to us, which is why the rules are the way they are. If anyone is caught using a glitch, taking advantage of bugs, duping, etc. they will be permabanned immediately and someone will take your spot on the whitelist.

We aim to have tons of fun on this server, as it is extremely hard. The food takes forever to eat, the infernal mobs are hard to kill, and it seems like everything wants to touch your butt. Any questions, comment on our forums.

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