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The Legacy Gaming Community

The Legacy Gaming Community


Small Mature Server Community:

As of right now we are testing stuff and still making sure everything works, if there are any issues let us know.

Why Join our server?

  • We run a private DNS Tech pack server with (Almost) no lag running on a 8 core CPU and 8gb of dedicated RAM.
  • There is no banned items and the server is up 24/7.
  • We are strictly community based and there is no "Dictatorship" (Ranks, etc.) Everyone is equal and no one is able to spawn items in or change game modes.
  • No Pvp.
  • Good Playing Environment.
  • Our Own Team Speak 3 Voice Chat Server.
  • /back, /home, and more Basic Essentials Commands.
  • Spawns you randomly when you first join.

That Sounds great but, How Do I Join?

  • Must be 14 years of age or older.
  • We do not waste our time with Griefers or Trolls (Ban is Permanent).
  • We require you to fill out a very small form with just some basic info and Email it to us at OR You can join our public Team Speak 3 server ( and talk to us. After we review your form or talk to you we will white list you and email you one additional mod (ATG Terrain Generator Mod) that you have to add to your client.

Questions? E-Mail us at




Minecraft In-Game Name (Case-Sensitive):


Why do you want to join?:

How did you find out about us?:

About Yourself (optional - could be your personalty, hobbies, interests):


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