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Crowned Nations Rp!


Hello! im Ghiojo, one of the staff members of Crowned Nations rp server, and i invite you to the server Beta, we are a Towny/roleplay server with four nations in it, all of those with their own king, capital and expecting more towns to be around.

There are 4 Kingdoms in the server: Renais, Chioni, Grudal and Elvnyx, their descriptions can be found here: (this is important, since you will need to specify which kingdom do you want to start in)

The Server has some rules (you can check them in our forum), and the basic ones are:

1.Respect all fellow players and the staff, remember the golden rule, Treat people as you would want to be treated

2.Try to keep the language at minimum, although is not formally restricted, keep it tastefull

Use appropiate chats, Stay on your character

No hacking (obviously), otherwise you will be banned without mercy

No Intentional spam, or you will face a tempban

6.No intentional Adverticing or you will be banned

No Harassment or excessive trolling

Keep Rage to a minimum, if there's a problem, contact the staff asap.

There are more rules explained on the server, be sure to read them and follow them.

To apply for the server you will need to make your character lore, as well as a little introduction to yourself

Betatester apply format:


Age (doesnt affect the chances of being selected):

Do you agree with rules? (be sure to check the Full rules at the forums too)

Starting Kingdom (check the Forum for details of each kingdom):

Well Guys! thats everything! i hope you enjoy the server, hope to see you around and gl with your application!

Our Forums are Here: (just putting it again if you didnt catch up the first one)

Our server's Ip is:

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