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Von Spookelton

Von Spookelton | Sky Factory 2.4 | Lagg Free


We are using Sky Factory version 2.4!


Location: New Zealand

Up-Time: 24/7

Von Spookelton is a Sky Factory server looking to continue to build a nice community of players...

As of the 6th of Febuary the server is Brand New... The server is 24/7 with dedicated hardware and no lag.

Currently there are no banned items ect and the only rules are to be kind to others and don't steal/pvp/grief unless both parties have agreed.

We cannot wait to see you on the server!

How To Get Sky Factory 2.4

Get the ATLauncher from here:
Install the launcher (There is a instruction video on the site)
Go to packs and find Sky Factory
Click New Instance and click Install (Make sure its version 2.4 Minecraft 1.7.10)
When it comes up asking about optional mods, tick Vein Miner
Wait for it to download, then go to Instances and start it up!
If you need any help relating to getting the modpack or to do with the server please either reply here or contact me at

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