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BrokenCraft is an up and coming Server Network which has a heavy focus on creating the most unique and enjoyable experience for the player.

Our Whitelisted YogsCast Complete Pack server offers the following

  • An enjoyable learning environment
    .. We do not condone PVP without both parties agreeing.
    We do not condone griefing, unless it's in the form of pranking, which once again both parties have to agree upon.
  • A player-ran economy.
    .. Besides a very simply player shop which offers basic starting packages, we do not give you anything. Trade with others!
    ChestShops is implemented to make this easier!
  • Maps
    ..* Use dynmap on the website to see who'se online, what everyone is doing, and who they're with. You can even chat with them if you want to!
  • A friendly, handpicked, community
    ..* All users can apply through our website, from which we only select the people who we find give the best answers to our questions.

Besides all of the above, we run the following plugins to have a high-end experience at all times

  • Essentials
  • ChestCommands
    ..* This hold all the information on the server and the shop, accessible through /help
  • ChestShop
  • WorldBorder
    .. We bordered all worlds to 2500 x 2500 to keep our players close to eachother. This ensures a nice community, and no loners!
    We have pre-generated all worlds, so no lag will ever be from chunk generation.
  • DynMap

Please note the following when joining

  • ALL blocks are allowed.
  • We do not support EiraIRC. Please either disable it, or make sure you know how to use it.
  • Resonant Induction is entirely disabled due to known issues with it.
  • We support Zan's Minimap (Voxelmap).

Some handy links to hop right in

Register on the website Use your minecraft name as your username, case sensitive!

Apply to the whitelist

The Map

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