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Welcome to Cub3DCraft!

This is a dedicated, personally run Minecraft server running Thermos (a Forge Bukkit server). Cub3DCraft was created to cater towards those who like smaller, more personal servers, offering a completely different experience than more PVP or Faction centered servers. This means that there can be more dedicated players, who can form their own towns and interact with each other in a different light.

In the server, we don't ban items, unless completely necessary of course, as they may be useful, and honestly I would be annoyed if I couldn't use a needed item (and we wouldn't do that to our players).

Our rules are few, but reasonable:

  • Don't kill players without a good reason.
  • Try to refrain from stealing other player's items or blocks without permission, but if it's not
    protected, it's their fault.
    By the way, you can say whatever you want in chat, signs, etc. It's your opinion and it's other people's choice to interpret it the way they want.

To join the server, please visit here
If you have any issues joining, add me on steam (ColtonCubed) and message me your issue.

Notable Plugins:
Cub3DCraft uses GriefPrevention, meaning that you can effectively protect all your property and items from malicious users. We also use AutoRank for our ranking system, allowing you to rank up as you play. And our newest addition, Votifier, which gives you rewards for voting for our server!

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