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VentureKraft SkyFactory

VentureKraft SkyFactory 2.4


VentureKraft is the perfect server to play on with your friends in a fun and lag-free environment.
No longer worry about pesky griefers or a huge banned item list!
What our server offers:

  • A large, unrestrictive area to build your own SkyFactory Island
  • Extremely few banned items, experience the modpack as it was meant to be played
  • A friendly and helpful community
  • Lag-free playing enviroment
  • Public portals to the End, Nether, and dreamcatchers to make travel to Spirit World easy; at spawn
  • Grief protection and ability to prevent others from entering your island
  • Ability to cooperate and build with other players
  • Local chat so you can speak only to your friends on your island
  • Set home at your island and make exploring other dimensions a breeze
  • Our logging plugin records all blocks placed and broken so any grief can be easily rolled back

This server was formerly known as SurvivalQuest

Really great server! Lots of fun players to talk to and hang out with. Also has very helpful staff members that are always willing to help out anyone who needs it. Best part is absolutely no lag!
Posted 10th Apr 2017