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This is a Non Whitlisted Modded Server and requires the Beyond Reality Mod Pack for installation instruction go to

Are you Tired of the same old minecraft day after day?

Have you go to the end of the standard minecraft multiple times even killed the wither boss?

Looking for a new challenenge with loads to do, loads to discovers and is only for the best player?

Then Craftaga's Beyond Reality Server is probably for you.

Beyond Reality is a hardcore mod pack centered around the gregtech way of doing thing. With a unique tech tree that is 10 levels high and unique clusters of ores gen that seem to go on forever. You will never run out of things to do.

Beyond reality also features more that 70 other mods that have been "gregtechified" which balances the whole pack. Including some of your favorites like Bees, Botania, Enderio and some new one you may not have played before like Computer Craft and Hardcore Ender Expansion.

So if you fancy a challenge install the ATLaucher and come see how you fair. This really is the next level of minecraft.

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