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Chaosville modpack V2.5.6.3 RR-YOGS

We are a brand new Chaosville 0.....server.
After the old tekkit days we went on a small vacation(work and such nonsense)
but now we are back to minecraft and ready to make this a awesome place for people!.

The rules:

1 Be nice to each other

2 Don't steal or grief(we have plugins that prevent and log griefing and chest interaction).

3 Try to keep chunloading to minimum(Especially quarries :))

mods disabled:
Mystcraft for now(It's going to be available for regular players).
Underground Biomes(Its really annoying)

How to install the modpack:

  1. Download the AT launcher
  2. Choose the chaosville pack(when it prompts you to add extra mods just hit select recommended)
  3. Let it download(it will open your browser 3 times i believe to download stuff through adfly)


  • Essentials
  • PEX
  • Prism
    -Chest shop
    -My town

Connection info:
IP :

Our spawn is small and absolutly unimpressive!
Why you might ask?
Because we believe that regular players should be able to help create a new spawn that they like and not that we like. So it's going to be community build!

We still need a site but i'm going to look at enjin for a beginning later on

For now
Hope you enjoy our server
And keep playing!!!!!

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