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We are a new minecraft community started by friends that has played together for a long time and made things anew!! We are an active, devoted and friendly team that has plenty of experience staffing servers. we have multiple owners in different time zones, so there is always someone to help. No silly bans, minimal downtime and of course, a friendly staff. We are Non-profit, all donations are fed back in to hardware upgrades or in to the community.

Join us in Discord -

We currently have a FTB Presents CrackPack Server Online and Public ( IP- )

Key Points:

Dedicated OVH Server with DDOS Protection
PVP is disabled
We use the golden shovel grief prevention
Automatic server restarts for minimal downtime
Nether, End, Twilight and Mining worlds will be reset monthly
Staff are in multiple timezones

We hope to see you online soon ! Come play !

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