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Rising Alliance Gaming [Custom Modpack]


Beta Testing before Main Server Launch!

CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620v2
Cores/threads: 4c/8t
Frequency/burst: 3.7 GHz+/3.9 GHz+
Intel Smart Cache: 10 MB
RAM: 64 GB DDR3 ECC 1600 MHz
Hard Drives: 3x 160 GB SSD (and 500 GB backup on a separate drive)

It's recommended you dedicate 4 GB to your ram found in the Launcher Options.

We're a Custom Technic Launcher modpack server and we have a few unique rules set in place that you should definitely read before joining. We're currently in Beta Testing mode running a beta map of the pack where people can actively test things to their hearts desire.

If you're truly interested in joining in and Beta Testing, you will have to signup using

We are prepared to do map resets when new pack versions contain new items and blocks. Part of updating a modpack is expecting id changes and usually this means some of your items in your storage, inventory and placed blocks could change to something you've not even crafted yourself yet. This is not an easily traceable event so a map reset is absolutely required.

We plan to release the main server when the recommended version of the pack comes out. The reason is mainly because a recommended pack version means map resets are no longer needed when it updates.

Anyways, here are some of the features you can expect on our Beta server!

Ranking plugin with Permissions (not all complete)
Ability to /sethome up to 3 times! (higher rank means more homes)
Ranks are earned based on time played
Voting fully working!
Make a town using Towny (Beta server only! Switching to Grief Prevention soon)
Custom Recipes (and more changes on the way)
A custom skill system is being worked on behind the scenes coded from scratch.
Food is actually important but plenty of ways to make interesting foods!

Stay tuned for the Main Server!

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