This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Aker's World - CrundeeCraft v1.0.17


At Aker'sWorld we have been running servers for 2 years and counting and the best part, we really listen. We ban nothing at all, unless it crashes our world on a regular basis.

So come join in the fun, leave us some feedback we love to here from you.

Well, we run a tight ship around, we are using Grief Prevention, Clear Lagg, Votifier, and a few more...

We have a v1.0.15 server closing soon... v1.0.17 is up on the new Hoste testing all week. The map on the new Hoste is the new map. So if you start there, you will keep everything you have worked for in this short time. for the rest of our followers, we will be helping you get off to a good start on our new Map... Take care and stay in touch, we try not to change this much all at once. But server Hoste is expiring at one place, so it was time to try out new things.

Again I Thank all of you for your support,
I can't do this alone, please support my staff,

the Akernator

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