This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to Crafts of Anarchy
A Crackpack server
Note: Enable Arsmagica 2
Server IP:
• Griefing and Raiding are encouraged
• Anything goes
• No banned items
• Friendly competitive community
• Friendly Competent Staff
• No whitelist
• Join now and instantly become promoted to member
• No lag
• 16GB dedicated RAM
• 24/7 uptime

Our mission
Our mission is to bring a fair, friendly environment to our players. After countless of weeks going through servers with unfair admins, laggy maps, and whiney players, we eventually decided that we were going to be the change we were looking for.
Why play this server?
Our server has a small team of experienced and active hosts, players, and even coders. We Look to bring our players a fair environment, with absolutely no favorites or pay to win elements. Our team works to keep the server up and running smoothly, with as little downtime as possible. In addition, the admins will also be playing, 100% as regular players.
Why kind of server is this?
We believe that Minecraft is a game best played like a survival game, in total anarchy. There will no protection, besides the own natural barriers you build yourself. No factions, no protection, it’s a kill or be killed world. That’s the way we like it.

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