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The Shitter Shack IndustrialBox

The Shitter Shack IndustrialBox


Welcome to the ShitterShack IndustrialBox

Server IP: or

==================MOD LIST==================

Resonant Rise Server

This is a friendly server open for anyone to join. We all help each other out and plus with or friendly staff this is a great server to play on.

The share code is l0S4mv1k if you are having connection problems.

We are looking for builder and staff to help build a nice spawn and shops for all the new players that join.
The server has 10 open spots and is currenty being run on a Dell PowerEdge R610 server with 2, 2.93 quad core Xeons with 32 gig of ram - of that 24 gig is set to run the Resonant Rise Server, And this all runs on its own dedicated 128gb Samsung SSD.

There are no reviews for this server yet, you can be the first!